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Our Terms & Conditions  
■ Order acceptance
Due to the nature of KOTOBUKIYA brand products which are the licensed products granted by various licensors around the world, your order(s) may have the chance of being canceled due to Licensing matters and this will be notified to you as soon as possible from us in case of the required cancellation.

■ Delivery TermsFor shipping outside of Singapore
1. Ex-works Singapore based on Incoterms, 
2. The nomination of the Carrier and/or Freight Forwarder in Singapore shall be done by you, and you need to provide us with such information about the Forwarders and some other shipping details on your Shipping Instructions.
3. Ocean or Airfreight shall be borne by you.
4. Marine insurance shall be covered by you.

Within Singapore,
1. Self-collection and other delivery options are available. Please contact us for more information.

■ Price
SRP of our Products is shown on the offer Sheet. However, final SRP might change due to various factor e.g supplier’s price change and etc.
SRP is based on the Singapore Dollar, inclusive of 8% Government Service Tax(GST) as of 1st January 2023

■ Payment Terms 
1. Wire Transfer (T.T. Remittance) of full invoice(s) value in SG Dollars not later than two weeks before the cargo ready noticed to you to the BANK ACCOUNT designated on Commercial Invoice. 
2. Wire transfer charges at your side shall be your expense and you MUST not deduct such charges at your end when you cable the payment. 

■ Minimum Order Quantity/Amount
1. Minimum order quantity such quantity is specified on the Marketing Sheet. If your order is less than such quantity, it is going to be the subject of higher quotation of its unit price or such order shall NOT be accepted.
2. Order quantity per carton additional discount may be given If ordered in quantity of per carton. Please check with us. 

■ Due date of Purchase Order (P.O)
Due date of P.O. per Products is stated in Marketing Sheet. Late submission of the Purchase order may NOT be accepted by Kotobukiya. We will fulfil the PO where possible.

■ Once an order has been placed
Once the order has been placed by the retailer, the retailer is committed to the purchase of the order. The retailer may face consequences for abandonment without the approval of SOZO Pte Ltd.